Author: Kevin Osborne

Writer/artist Kevin Osborne lives in Farmington CT and holds a PhD in Philosophy from the City University of New York. Prior to The Prometheus Connection and The Prometheus Frontier, he wrote, illustrated, and published the short fable, Mutekikon, available on DVD. See www.mutekikon.com

Editor: Alex Bleier

Alex Bleier, editor of The Prometheus Connection and The Prometheus Frontier, works out of Colorado Springs in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. With degrees in Math, Philosophy, and Technical Communication, his extensive work in computer consulting has spanned the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to Silicon Valley startups. He currently concentrates on Internet systems development, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. alexbleiertech@gmail.com

Audio Production: Mike Spooner

Mike Spooner engineered and produced the audio for The Prometheus Connection audio book. He is a Connecticut native with a BA from the University of Hartford in Interactive Information Technology with a specialization in Sound Technology. Mike lives in a tiny house on wheels that he designed and built with his own hands. He loves free thinking and discussion of ideas, drumming, architecture, and paddle boarding adventures across the northeast.